Bespoke Hockey Stash

Stash hockey have many years of experience of providing solutions to customers who need kit. We have a design department who are able to bring your Ideas to life. So if your looking for a rebrand or ideas for your tour team we can help you.

We provide a variety of ways of achieving this, printing or embroidery whichever method is cost effective and the best solution for you. Our partners have years of experience in helping pull together the designs we create and offering you a reliable quality finish to your products.

Email us with your ideas or projects and we will be able to give you our honest and sensible advice about how best to bring them to life.

As well as our own collection and ranges Stash Hockey also work with other leading brands to allow us to bring you a wider range of products and ideas to suit your needs.

Adidas, AWD is Cool, AWD just Hoods, Craft, Craghoppers, Finden Hales, FrontRow, Gamegear, Grays, Kariban, Nike, Nike Teamwear, Result, Rhino and Tombo Teamsport.